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We aim to prevent youth substance use and promote mental health through education, advocacy, and evidence-based strategies.

(859) 655-6872

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Implementing Effective Strategies

Boone County Alliance is a non-profit organization working towards building a healthy community by preventing and reducing drug and substance use among the youth. Our current focus is vaping, cannabis, underage drinking, and mental health.


We will have a hybrid meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 09:00 A.M. Join us on Zoom or in person at the NKY Health Department District Office.

Spreading Awareness

We focus on implementing effective strategies, building community partnerships, and promoting evidence-based interventions that reduce the incidence of drug use among youth, their families, and those in future generations. We work with schools, parents, and other organizations to spread awareness about the debilitating mental, physical, and emotional effects of drug use and how it can weaken the community.


Building Community Partnerships

We have volunteers from more than ten organizations, including partners from education, law enforcement, youth-serving organizations, healthcare, and religious sectors. Our ultimate goal is to improve mental health among the youth and build a substance-free generation.

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