Boone County Alliance

2010 - BCA founded by concerned community members after a tragic, alcohol-related teen death.

2013 - The Heroin Task Force was created in response to the heroin epidemic in Boone County. Joined forces with BCA to maximize resources and efforts.

2014 - BCA awarded Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant by the Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

BCA provides education to legislators on the substance abuse issues affecting Boone County. In December 2015, BCA, along with other community partners, hosted a regional forum for the public regarding the dangers of marijuana use.


​​Alcohol Tip Line 1-859-261-1001

  • Resources for Parents: BCA provides parents and the community information on alcohol and drug facts and effective strategies on how to speak with children about alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Training for Kids: BCA partners with Boone County Schools to implement CoreLife and LifeSkills training to students between grades 3 and 8. These trainings give kids the tools they need to engage in healthy behaviors, including decision-making and coping, as well as refusal skills.
  • Annual Community Survey: Each year, the BCA conducts a survey at the Boone County Fair to gauge the community's knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about youth substance use in Boone County. For results from the 2016 survey, click here.
  • Youth Engagement: The BCA partners with the Boone County Public Library and Seven Hills Church for Young Boone County, which encourages youth to become leaders and engage in community service.
  • Alcohol Sticker Shock: Every spring, BCA partners with local alcohol retailers and community groups to place stickers on multi-pack alcoholic beverages. The aim of this project is to reach those individuals over the age of 21 who legally purchase alcohol and provide it to minors. Click here for a list of our Healthy Youth Partners.
  • Prescription Drug Disposal: BCA partners with law and safety officials to promote the three safe drug disposal locations in Boone County and National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Click here for information about the locations.
  • Responsible Server Training: Service staff for Boone County restaurants and bars can attend ABC's responsible server training paid for by BCA. For more information, click here.
  • Medicine Safety Presentations and Lock Boxes: BCA provides presentations to senior centers and other groups on medicine safety, including safe storage and disposal. BCA also offers personal medicine lock boxes to the community free of charge. For more information, please contact Abigail Beausir at 859-341-4264 ext. 2158 or

Our vision is to create a united community where all youth will be drug free. We accomplish our vision by building community partnerships to reduce and prevent substance use/abuse among youth, their families, and those in future generations.



Currently, BCA has members representing various sectors of the community, including education, civic and faith-based organizations, local media, and other agencies that focus on substance abuse prevention.


BCA's primary role in the community is to prevent drug and alcohol use among youth and reduce incidence of substance abuse among current users through education, awareness, and community interventions.

prevention in action

Our mission is to prevent substance abuse through education, advocacy and implementing sound strategies.

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